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Our decades of experience make a difference for you

At John T. Phipps Law Offices, P.C., we provide client-centered, innovative legal services. We work with our clients to solve legal problems of all kinds, using our experience at the negotiating table and in court to obtain the best possible results. Our excellent record of success continues to grow due to our case preparation and collaborative work with our clients.

Our law firm is well-known in the Champaign area for our skill at both negotiation and trial, especially in divorce and custody cases. With more than 40 years of trial and appellate litigation experience, we are recognized for getting the best possible outcome for our clients. We have the expertise needed to negotiate settlements that protect your interests, but will readily go to court to fight for the result you deserve.

We handle divorce cases, all types of lawsuits and work in many other areas of law

Our firm focuses on divorce litigation.  We understand people’s concerns about their future. We work with our clients to take decisive action to protect their interests, and obtain a positive outcome that serves them and their children. We recognize that people experiencing divorce are undergoing some of the greatest stress that they will ever encounter, so we work with them to reduce the emotional drain and help them come through the process to get a fresh start. We like to think that at the end of the case our clients have been better served because they chose us to represent them.

We help people with all kinds of other civil disputes and trials such as contract and business disputes, probate, select criminal cases and all other types of litigated cases. We protect and fight for your rights using the wisdom of our experience to vigorously pursue the best possible result for you.

Our firm also handles many other transactions, from real estate transactions, wills, trusts, probate business formation and business and personal contracts and related matters. Learn more about our range of legal services.

We are committed to serving our clients, the public and the profession

We have a distinguished history of providing service to clients and the bar since 1965. John T. Phipps is highly accomplished in the practice of family law and trial practice. He takes pride in sharing his knowledge with other lawyers through his many lectures and articles drawing upon the expertise that he provides to benefit his clients.

Read more about Champaign lawyer John T. Phipps and how he uses his accomplishments to benefit his clients.

Choose an effective lawyer for help with your legal problem

Our firm has the experience necessary to provide thorough guidance and deliver results. We care about your legal problems and offer thoughtful and compassionate assistance. We believe that people who choose us to represent them have a strong chance of finding a better personal circumstance on the other side of their legal problem.

To review your concerns with us, please contact John T. Phipps Law Offices, P.C. to make an appointment.


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